A New Beginning

alice reading under oak tree.jpg

So here we are. It took over a month to get our Community Project going- so we’re giving hugs
to Mr. B (our CP/music teacher who dreams things up), and Tat, who’s a friend of his (and now ours) who does the art.

CP is a yearlong course where you and one or two partners come up with a project that “serves the community.” So Bernicia and I chose each other and started our project by spending time together in my magical flower garden, or sitting under Drew (my best friend who’s an oak tree) letting our imagination run wild. And with help from Drew and the flower faeries we were inspired to take my journal I wrote over the summer (about how I discovered nature and music spirits- or actually how they discovered me!) and have Berni (the ultimate techie and bff!) turn it into a music and musings website! And now we’re sharing it with crazy girls everywhere so they can discover their inner faerie freak! That’s our community!

Soon we hope to have musing updates every Monday, inviting you to return and keep up with our enchanted experiences- so you can learn to have them yourselves. Anyway, please go to the Alice’s Journal link, download my journal, and learn how to do real magic.
And remember to stay in touch!