Learning how to become invisible

CH9-3- Alice melting.jpg

Actually I didn’t learn it- it just happened to me (like I wrote in my Adventures). I know for most girls feeling invisible is something lonely or terrifying. But I’m talking about nature magic- learning to disappear into the wind blowing through aspens and tall grass, or hearing the sound of birdsongs and crickets and out of nowhere you become your own symphony.

That’s how it is for me, because I’m invisible. Like when you disappear into Debussy or Ravel or your favorite song and you become the music- you’re gone.

So where are you when you become a song or a flower? I ask myself that most nights before I go to sleep, hoping to get an answer in my dreams. But then where are you when you dream? And what happens when we dream awake? If you read my journal maybe we can find out together.

Anyway I just started laying tracks for my new CD. Yay! It’s called French Sweets and includes my favorite music. You can order or download it on CD Baby from our music download link once it's up.

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I so want people to listen with fresh ears to this music:  like Ravel’s Pavanne for a Dead Princess. It’s in Chpt. 2 of my Adventures. And Ravel wrote it for us. If we dream awake as we listen, maybe we can die to our old world, and be reborn in a new world: a princess with no limits, no boundaries. And when that happens, that’s when the spirits appear and say hi- when we dream awake. Seriously. And maybe Berni and I will show up too. That’s the magic.

We hope you’re starting to learn how to melt into trees and flowers.  And become invisible.  And hang out with invisible spirits, including us! 

Berni Face to Face

Flowers in meadow for FAA.jpg

Usually when I’m talking or writing to someone for the first time I start by saying, “You can’t imagine what it’s like. . .” to feel so miserable and lifeless like I did after my parents’ divorce. Or you can’t imagine how strange it was months later to see flowers waving and saying hello as I walked through my garden. Or you can’t imagine how amazing it is to hear sparkles and feel tingles when I play music.

A few weeks ago when I met Berni at my new school (Boulder Arts & Technology School) we became instant best friends. And I told her, “you can’t imagine the incredible things that’s been happening to me this past summer.” She smirked (she has the cutest most irritating smirk) and said, “I can imagine all kinds of things. Give me a chance.”

So I did- and now we’re partners. She pretends she’s shy, like she wants me to do all the writing and music. But she’s the one putting everything together. And she’s totally in my face, putting me on the spot. Pressing my buttons and stuff, but doing it in a way that makes me so happy to be her best friend. She’s amazing.

So is anyone actually reading or listening to our craziness? We’re just now putting up a link,
Ask Alice! So if you want to reach out and let us know what’s going on, or if you have questions about anything, jot in down and send it off, and (though we’re both super busy!) I’ll try to answer. Kisses! 

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A New Beginning

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So here we are. It took over a month to get our Community Project going- so we’re giving hugs
to Mr. B (our CP/music teacher who dreams things up), and Tat, who’s a friend of his (and now ours) who does the art.

CP is a yearlong course where you and one or two partners come up with a project that “serves the community.” So Bernicia and I chose each other and started our project by spending time together in my magical flower garden, or sitting under Drew (my best friend who’s an oak tree) letting our imagination run wild. And with help from Drew and the flower faeries we were inspired to take my journal I wrote over the summer (about how I discovered nature and music spirits- or actually how they discovered me!) and have Berni (the ultimate techie and bff!) turn it into a music and musings website! And now we’re sharing it with crazy girls everywhere so they can discover their inner faerie freak! That’s our community!

Soon we hope to have musing updates every Monday, inviting you to return and keep up with our enchanted experiences- so you can learn to have them yourselves. Anyway, please go to the Alice’s Journal link, download my journal, and learn how to do real magic.
And remember to stay in touch!